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Publishable without limits on Spotify, YouTube, Digital Store, Radio and TV.
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The track will automatically be removed from our store after purchase.

Publishable without limits on Spotify, YouTube, Digital Store, Radio and TV.
Stems option (separate tracks).

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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Question

Obviously you have the guarantee just in case the file is damaged, but in all the other cassis no refundable.

You can listen to our tracks in full on our website and choose the one you like more.

This it depends on whether you choose the exclusive option at the time of purchase.

The standard no-exclusive option allows the tracks to be sold to more people, but if you choose the exclusive option, the track will be removed from our store once purchased.

However, the track may have been previously sold to other users as well.

Write to us if you want to know if and to how many people the track has already been sold.


Of course you can! You can publish your song on Spotify, YouTube, apple music and all the other streaming services without any restrictions and limits.



Yes if you buy an Exclusive option,

No if you buy a Standard License

If you purchase a track with the “exclusive mode”, the track will be removed from our store immediately after the purchase.
However this does not exclude that someone else has purchased it previously with a “Standard-Non-Exclusive” option.
If you want to know how many people own your track before buying it, we suggest you to write us to


Stems are the separate tracks that make up our tracks (bass, drums, guitars, etc.)
If you purchase an exclusive track (only in that case) you can also purchase as an option the stems that were used to create the song, in case you want to re-mix it or modify it as you wish.
The format of the stems is WAV audio 24 bit and 44.1 khz.

KrotonMusic licenses on tracks have no time limit


All our tracks are supplied in mp3, wav (16 bit/44.1Khz) and wav (24bit-48Khz; format useful for video synchronization).

Writing a lyrics without music is a bit like writing a poem.
A song, of any genre, needs a “hook” and a musical metric.
Write a lyrics on an instrumental track could be easier and, of course, you can immediately feel the effect it has.



Spotify, YouTube and all the digital distributors (such as tunecore, distrokid and others) have an automatic system which detects the presence of audio tracks already present in their databases or if the track itself has already been loaded previously, sometimes blocking the upload of the song being loaded.
It is therefore possible that if you buy a base track sold previously and uploaded to the platforms by someone else before you, your upload could be temporarily blocked pending a reply.
However, it is sufficient to reply with an email certifying ownership or the license to use the song being uploaded and the blocking procedure will be immediately removed.
Furthermore, our backing tracks can contain royalty free samples (sounds used in the arrangement, as you can find in almost all songs produced nowadays).
It is therefore not uncommon for automatic systems to detect sounds already present in other songs.
Here too it is sufficient to reply to the email certifying the ownership or the license to use the song to unlock the procedure.
In any case, for any question or clarification on the subject, we advise you to consult the guidelines of the aggregator you are using.



It is not a mandatory and required step, but you can always mention “KrotonMusic” in the “music producer” credit when you upload the song to the platforms.



Kroton music is a company created by the producer Lorenzo Sebastiani in collaboration with Merlin Music Lab.
The team of producers and musicians is a team of international professionals. You can check and discover the musicians on the MerlinMusicLab website.


Of course, our titles refer only to the instrumental tracks.
If you create a new song using one of our backing tracks you will have to replace the old title with that of the new song.


Yes, of course, all our tracks are unreleased and created by the MerlinMusicLab team.
However, “royalties free” samples may be used in the production (Sound Library Royalties free sounds, such as those found on Splice, Loopmasters, Logic..)

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