Create your own unique sound

Have you bought a beat on our royalty free music store but you want to have a unique and personalized sound personalized on your voice and your musical style?

Our team of producers, sound engineers and musicians will create your new arrangement for you.

Writing a song or lyrics on an already created track can be an excellent starting point, but then adapting the sound to your voice and creating your own musical project is the choice to make if you want to make the difference.

Creating a customized arrangement on your voice and song involves more complex work than creating a single backing track without vocals.

The arrangement is then created specifically on your vocal timbre and aims to reach a unique and right sound for your project.

We could decide together whether to make it with electronic sounds or with real musicians. Whether to create an acoustic, electronic sound or both in combination. These choices, which may seem insignificant to many, are the key to an artist’s success.

Using an unpublished beat can be an excellent starting point for writing a song or lyrics, but if you want to create a real musical project it is better to rely on a producer or a team that can make the most of your work.

Each successful artist works this way, using their own production team.


How does it works?

First of all you will have to send us the song you want to arrange.
This allow our team to analyze and discuss with you the right type of sound for your song.

Then we need a vocal track (even provisional), where you sing the song.

The quality of the recording is not important in this step, you can also record it on the phone or even better on the computer, if you have a non-professional microphone that allows you to record your voice.

This allows us to make the first draft of the arrangement.

In this phase we will work on the sound, on the search for your style, on the tonality and on the velocity of the song.

Once the first draft of the arrangement has been created we will send you an mp3 to listen to.

Only after your approval of that mp3 will we move on to the next step, which is the actual recording and production.

In the case of acoustic production we will record the various instruments (bass, drums, guitars) in our recording studios with professional musicians (see the production team).

Once this phase is completed, you will have to re-sing the song on the definitive instrumental track that we will provide you remotely or in one of our studios (we will then show you how to do it and which is the best choice for you).
The voice will then be processed and edited in terms of intonation, effects and everything needed to make it optimal.

Finally, as the last phase, we will proceed with the mix (setting up the volumes and individual sounds) and with the final mastering, where we will obtain the maximum reproduction volume and sound optimization for all reproduction services (streaming, Youtube, etc..).

There are therefore 3 phases of work:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Mix and mastering

Our team

Kroton Music collaborates with the MerlinMusicLab team for the realization of musical arrangements and recordings.

The company, created by Lorenzo Sebastiani , makes use of the collaboration of the best international musicians and producers.

Visit the MerlinMusicLab if you want more information about our team

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